Meet Our Pack!


Patti is the owner of the Green Paw and a Groomer.  She loves all walks of life but dogs and cats is where her heart is.  Her 4 legged companions are Montana and Thor who visit the shop often.


Alicia attended Minnesota State University (BA in special education, cognitive disorders).  Alicia found desk work tedious and pursued working with animals. She has now been grooming since 2013 based on breed standards and owners preference, etc.  Alicia has endless patience and provides skilled, quality work with all pets.  She has a pug named Marlie; who is an angel!  

Now Hiring!

Want to join our pack? We are now hiring a Grooming Assistant! No experience is necessary as long as you love 4 legged creatures and lots of sloppy dog kisses. Apply today!


Dustin is our shop manager and glue to our daily operations.  He has BA's in Molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, psychology and a neuroscience certificate.  He also tutors Math and Science (if you know anyone who needs help).  He was asked to help out Patti while opening the shop and has been here ever since.  He uses his education in the selection of products that we carry in the shop.  Questions?  He can usually help with anything you need.


Matt is graduating with a BA in Architecture.  He too, is lover of our furry friends and along with being a jack of all trades, he also helps out with our pet services.


Elizabeth is currently a student at the School Of Mines.  She keeps herself busy with fostering 4 legged friends, pet walking, and everything else that makes her smile.