Grooming Services

Bath Time!

Grooms start in the obvious spot: the tub! We have different shampoos to suit your pets needs.

Dry Time

Once your pup is squeaky clean, we use a blow dryer to get them warm and dry right away. Ear covers can be used to mitigate the loud noise.

The Best Part...

Then comes the most relaxing part of the process; brushing your pet in a rhythmic and methodical way to feel as if they're being pet as they love to be.

Details Matter Too

We have extras that you can add to any groom.  Blueberry facial, polish or buff nails, paw and snout soother, etc.

Ear Cleaning

Ears are cleaned during each groom to ensure there is no build up of wax and dirt.


Your pet leaves feeling confident, spoiled, and clean! They get a treat with approval and you can breathe deep their freshness!

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